Welcome to File2HD.com Premium Services

Some sites do not allow to download files directly from them, using advanced hiding and encoding techniques. Now, with File2HD Premium you can access those files.

Because of the heavy load that produced by the access and retrieval of those files on the server, the procedure is not done in real time; insted, files are placed on a queue and processed in order. Depending on the queue size, the waiting period can be longer or shorter.

This service is very limited for free users, and now is only available throught an invitation code.
It is also available to paid users, with the advantage that your files are located at the top of the queue.

All the premium users will have access to the mobile version our site, that allows you to do all the File2HD functions from an iPhone or a Windows Mobile device.

How to use it?

- First, create an account.
- Verify and log into your account.
- On your account page, click the “File2HD.com Premium” link.
- On File2HD.com, just retrieve the file list as you used to do it, and if a premium file is found it will show a “Premium Download” button next to it.
- Just click the “Premium Download” button and the file will be added to your account.
- Then go to your account and you will be able to download all the files that you added to your account. In order to use this service you must read and agree our TOS.

If you found our site useful, support us by buying a Premium VIP account
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