Premium Services

Premium accounts can be used for audio and video downloads...

File2HD Premium "Standard Account"

PayPal Monthly
pay with bitcoins 0.0203
Bitcoin One Year
Benefits: Use the system

File2HD Premium "VIP Account"
PayPal Monthly
pay with bitcoins 0.0610
Bitcoin One Year
Benefits: Fast file process and download speed

File2HD Premium "VIP HP Account"
PayPal Monthly
pay with bitcoins 0.1220
Bitcoin One Year
Benefits: Faster file processing and unlimited download speed

Accounts are created just after the payment is processed, if you did not got your account after the payment is done; you can use the payment troubleshooting feature to fininish the account creation process.

All the subscriptions will be charged one time per month until cancelled.
If you have any payment issue, feel free to contact us. You can cancel your PayPal subscription throught your PayPal account, or place a cancellation request contacting us.

There is no guarantee of performance, functionality or service continuity for paid or free users, despite the fact that we will try to do our best to keep this system working, to fix it in case of some error and to improve it from time to time….

In order to access or use this service you must read and agree our TOS.

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